It was a cool, late-summer day on the ninth of September, twenty-seventeen. The event was held at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. Sunshine beamed through the still bright-green summer leaves; all was literally perfect for this classic, big family wedding.

The architectural detail was adorned in blooming white roses with soft touches of white, gold and black. Friends and family came from around the country, wearing the finest dress possible. Our nations flag swam elegantly, back above the 13th hole as Whitney and Andrew Coxen took their vows for an eternity of life together. Drinks were raised high as toasts rang through the ball room, which happened to be exposed to the beautiful, open air. Guests dined on full course meals, which varied from plate to plate delicacies. Following the cake cutting, there was a separate ceremony held in honor of the Bride and her pizza. Yes-I said pizza! Instantly, dance music broke out with a beat that would bring even the most sedentary to their feet. All energy pulsed forward and lights began to sparkle as Whitney and Drew wrapped up the beginning of their forever.