Love comes in all shapes, sizes and even ages. There’s never a time thats better or worse to get together. All you know is that it’s in-the-now and it’s time when it’s time.

This was true for Sheila and Mike. At the wiser, post-middle time of life, the pair met online after recently healing from the loss of their first soulmates. Their family pored in, from near and far to celebrate their newfound happiness together.

We were at the Old Oakland Manor in Columbia, MD.

It was clear that they both had a good sense of the importance of family. There were several children present both in and at the event. Honestly, most of the weddings that I cover are typically child free but kids really do make some of the best photographs even better.


These families both clicked together so well that it was often hard for me to tel them apart sometimes. But, I supposed that is the point at weddings to feel as ‘one.’ We were at the historic Oakland Manor in Columbia, MD and the weather was absolutely perfect - not too hot and not to cold.

It was the most beautiful mid-April day.

The big, white doors swung open to a large, traditionally dressed room with blue walls and two staircases, one on each side. The wedding party was prepping above as guests poured in, socialized and then found their seats. I immediately met the pastor marrying the couple and took my place at the back of the small, canary-yellow room filled with people in their chairs. The music started as the boys walked down first with the flower girls prancing behind. Then I saw Sheila in a lovely blue dress and mike in a handsome tan jacket and slacks. They walked in, the officiant told long stories of wisdom and then passed those official words and instructed the vows and then they were one. We took a slew of portraits infront of the old mansion and across the grounds - where not a single wedding guest was’t caught smiling.

Which happened to be just perfect for me and my lens.

The children took to cocktail hour to play in the yard as the adults softened their senses at the beer and wine bar. Everyone munched on hors d'oeuvres and other fine looking small plates. Sheila and Mike floated around from each room in the mansion and then out on the covered deck to chat up the merriment for their big moment. And then the whole party calmed its self down, and their guests entered the reception tent to find their seats. Each wedding party member was introduced and cheers rang out when Mike and Sheila were introduced. The couple took to their seats, dinner was served and toasts were made. Following dinner, the DJ cued up some kid-friendly songs and the whole party rained in as some silly dance props were passed around.

Dancing was certainly a fan-favorite activity that night.

I know that weddings are usually supposed to signify the beginning of something new and, from getting married, that means the start of your own ‘new’ family.

The cool part is, this still happened even though Sheila and Mike had already established themselves and been married once before. Their wedding symbolized the start of their own new family by bringing together what each of them had already had/created for themselves. Weddings are most certainly about love but they’re also about growth. Mainly, the growth of not only what you will make but also what you are looking to 'patch together.'