Words cannot describe the emotions we experienced on this drizzly October day. It was full of sprinkling clouds with wet, but green leaves all around. We met at a local monastery shrine, which featured colorful soy fields, an old red barn and sacred architectural monuments. We worked in a back and forth fashion, referencing a multitude of shot planning committed prior to our meeting. Despite the challenging elements, one thing was constant; Kristie and Josh couldn’t wait to be married. Their irrevocable happiness together continued to shine through, shot to shot. Our efforts continued until we felt we couldn’t fit anymore passion into the camera. I will never forget these two very important subjects for reasons both personal and photographic. They will always remain in my heart of hearts as two monumental people to ever walk in front of my lens but more importantly, into my life. Cheers to a life well loved together, Kristie and Josh Pattison.