Heather and I met through WeddingWire back in mid May, 2018.

She was in urgent need of media coverage for her coming wedding, three weeks later.

Of course I said yes, we still had three weeks.

What’s wrong with that?

We quickly met at a local coffee shop, got our contract signed and then it was just days before the ceremony. Some might have baulked at my future wedding pair, however they were right up my alley and I couldn’t wait to lend them my skills. I wanted nothing more than to help them capture the art within their creative marital union.

It was Monday afternoon on June 18, 2018 and it was the hottest day of the summer yet.

We were down by the water in eastern Maryland for one of the most beautiful, backyard weddings I have ever captured. The afternoon started at Heather’s home for hair, makeup and ladies prep details. The walls of Heather’s home were lined with a Marvel and Harry Potter dreamscape. Mufasa meowed as I got a quick shot of him on the back of the couch by the main window in the living room. My videographer, Zach, and I began capturing detail shots with the dress blowing in the warm air up on the country fence enclosing their backyard.

There were touches of wildflowers and lace along with Casamigos Tequila as the sun was shining and intense on our brows. Zach and I didn’t stop until we finished highlighting the art within the day.

Lucian and his groomsmen were at the house across the street, getting dressed and cooling down before going back out into the heat - for the last time before the wedding. It was at this second location where their nuptials were to take place.

The house was a simple but charming rancher on the cutest corner lot in the neighborhood. Behind the home, the ceremony aisle sat right up against the deck where the yard opened up to a pool with several tents for all events to take place. A pond fountain bubbled as the DJ warmed up a variety of tracks. We all worked hard amongst the intense heat as we caught the groom’s final brotherly moments before leaving for the First Look by the bay.

Upon our arrival, Lucian waited patiently by the waterfront, blindfolded and accompanied by his best man. Heather exited the car and walked down the hill - aided by both her mother and maid of honor.

Not only was she Lucian's bride-to-be but she was also carrying their future family within in her, little baby boy Blake. They met by the rocks with gentle waves washing at their feet as Lucian’s blindfold was removed and they both teared up in joy.

Snapping away, we recorded the last of their pre-wedding moments.

The sun began to set.

Music queued up, guests were seated and sweat permeated each layer of our outfits. This hot day was intense but certainly fit for the love radiating between this couple.

I asked one of the groomsmen to run and grab Lucian a cold bottle of water as he stood with legs locked. This worried me very much as we had to carry on.

The processional began.

The wedding party passed through beautiful white fabric wafting from the rafters of the family carport. This was the runway that sent Heather up and away, down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband.

Lucian pursed his lips and tensed his face as she floated towards him with her father as her guide. The Inglis men were dressed in traditional Scottish Kilts that I honestly envied for how warm it felt in the evening sun.

The officiant was amazing. She spoke of marvelous things such as comic characters and then referenced the love between Daenerys Stormborn and her great Khalasar.

My couple professed their vows and then the moon kissed her sun. All guests cheered and it was on to traditional thanks and well wishes for the family participants.

Everyone migrated to their tables where dinner was ready and drinks were passed around.

All was nothing but smiles as the music played on and cigars were lit. It was an evening to remember that ended with beautiful toasts, cake cutting and then a ton of dancing.

Thunder rolled out over the water as mother nature was ready to dial down the heat and settle the fire. This magical moment was one to certainly remember as I now happen to have a forever friendship with this family.

I still follow Heather online, with each post about her new life - more recently centered around her new motherhood role. I watched as Baby Boy Blake came into this world and I totally cannot wait to meet him.

We have a family photo session planned for hopefully later this year.