There was a threat of rain but a guarantee of passion. Robert Moir and Ashley Koerber met with us on this day to demonstrate their love, in front of our lens, in the District of Columbia and at the memorials of our great nation. We had planned for days, proceeding this event, all elements necessary to accurately express their future forever, together. It began with a drizzle but quickly closed in on beautiful sunshine as Ashley and Rob posed countlessly, swooning, from shot-to-shot. This pair holds such chemistry and connected at each moment-in the most picturesque fashion. Classic elegance and pure grace screamed from the back of the camera. We moved together from the Washington Monument, to the Lincoln Memorial and then finally to the Tidal Basin. Early June in D.C. found us with touring crowds and spectators but we managed to fit them in as the extras to our large production. With every second of each moment I kept noticing Rob's Eyes staring at Ashley, as if to say "But you're still here... and I'm still here... come on let's see where it goes." Everyone, I give you Ashley and Robert - coming May 12, 2018.