Nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountain Valley, we gathered to capture the engagement of Sarah Effross and Clint Davis. One year from now, they are to be wed at this very spot, outdoors, with the same lush greenery and floral, forest bushels. Located at the Beaumont Inn in Dallas, PA, we focused on hugs, kisses and dancing - barefoot in the grass - as our main themes to capture their happiness. Clint, a mere six-foot-four, dwarfs his soon-to-be wife Sarah but both have something huge in common; they are crazy for each other. Being Pennsylvania, born, bred and raised, it was an obvious choice for their valley-style elopement. We snapped quickly away at the pair spinning under the patio lights and then tossing flower petals in the air with passionate energy. But the most memorable images occurred when the two countlessly locked arms in 'forever' embraces. We finished our day capturing details of the ring and even popped champagne! Cheers to Sarah & Clint - we look forward to this June twenty-second, two-thousand-eighteen.