High in the mountains, of Dallas, PA, two hearts gained a pulse together – which now beats as the lifeline to their happily unpredictable future.

Looking back, these two old souls, with the youngest of hearts, met and propagated love like no one had originally expected.

I call this the “burning man complex,” and no, I don’t mean the Dierks Bently song, but yes, I do mean everything that it stands for.

It’s clear, from the script of life, that this valley couple is not only a compatible pair but they are also complimentary – they are the yin and yang that most spend a lifetime searching for.

Guests rushed north to celebrate this profound union between the two – as we all prepped tirelessly to be our best for their best day ever. Nestled deeply within the Wilkes-Barre region, the two Nittany Lions pledged their biggest “We Are.” All friends became family and we couldn’t have been more excited. Upstairs, the groom’s brethren pulled together to build the biggest Justin’s Smile ever.

There was a subtle smell of wildflowers, laced with brisk evergreen trees as the two saw each other, for the first and last time, before becoming man and wife. Music fell through the branches and across the creek as Sarah made her way over the bridge to her forever best friend. Guided by her brothers Adam and Benjamin and then her Stepfather Glen, she was carried with the utmost of care in place of her beloved father. These three men held her tightly to the patio with each step – all the way to her final supporter. Vows were exchanged, traditional glass was stomped and all was merry in the hills of these mountains. Did I mention I was also a participant in this phenomenal spectacle?! That’s right. Always, always, always a photographer but also a bridesmaid and cousin that she claims as sister.

We pranced into the pavilion with a fever lit for the most incredible proclamation. There our couple danced, as my team and I snapped, for the first time, as the two were forever bound. Speeches rang through the hall and then marvelous food was served. From the dessert arrangements to the intimate and candid family moments, nothing could have been sweeter. All festivities carried on throughout the hours and were then greeted by a surprise guest appearance – our Nittany Lion caught crowd surfing through the post-Hora ceremony.

My final photographic moments arrived as my pair began dancing in the dark:

“…with you between my arms… barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song…

when you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath… but you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight” to everyone’s musical favorite, Ed Sheeran.

What a magical night it was and it’s more important to know, that where we’re from, nobody says “I do” – we simply say “We Are.”