Monica and Keith are your typical, downtown couple, always ready to party with the biggest smiles on their faces. They radiate downtown, fun, Baltimore City vibes. Their friends and family came down into town to get ready to witness the two come together forever. It may have been raining on that day but I told Monica not to worry.

You’re gettin married, hon!


My first stop was a local hotel, downtown in Baltimore City where I met the bride and her family to cover the last of the ‘getting ready’ moments. There, I met Monica’s mother, sister and friends and listened to them pour champagne as I snapped the shoes, dress, jewels and everything in-between. You could hear the beeping of the city traffic down below - I pegged it as a symphony of city sounds pepping a rally for the couple’s steady approaching ceremony.

We’ve got a wedding to get to.

Somebody hail the Uber!

We pulled up to The Bayfront Club in Edgemere MD, just a shot across the water from the Key Bridge. It was an industrial little town, sleepy on this pitter-patter, drizzly day. But hold tight because a real party was about to break out. When the last bus arrived with guests, we filled each aisle - up to the last seat - with eager, smiling faces. Music began and each participant marched out and up to their post. There was a song change and Monica made her debut - despite Keith looking like a tough guy, I know I heard a sniffle. I smiled.

Here it comes - they were getting married, hon.

Sealed with a kiss and cheers from the crowd, the new Mr. and Mrs. made their way back through the crowd and down to the dock with us. James and I worked together to capture each pose and angle possible because guess what - it stopped raining! We popped the flash to grab our couple dancing on the water beside the Key Bridge and along the horizon. I did my best lighting tricks possible to bend the overcast sky into something magical - binging out the colors in between. After all, my couple was relying on me to capture the craft in their moments. It’s always important to me that, no matter the challenges, I am always able to come through for the people entrusting me with their memories.

Once the bubbly popped, I didn’t have to work so hard to build moments, they just began to dance at me. Literally.
I was more or less caught chasing them down, one burst of light at a time. Food had been served, toasts were made and the dance floor cracked open to all. Cake was cut, and some icing might have been smeared across their faces as the champagne washed it down. Monica and Keith led the force in this partying army. Even the kids broke out in celebration. What a fun crowd to capture - and yes we even got them all in one, big group shot.

The dancing was as wild as the DJ’s cosmic lighting bouncing around the room. At one point all of the energy raised both the bride and groom up on chairs in celebration under the purple uplighting. As the crowd began to fade, headlights shined through the front window of the venue - the buses arrived to pick up the party goers. I hugged my couple goodbye as the floor cleared out and the energy in the room had faded. While driving over the Key Bridge, I noticed the lights on the pier turn down as the stars grew brighter in the sky.