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Being highly trained and experienced goes a long way

Extensive Equipment

Camera equipment is the artist's toolbox, empowering photographers and filmmakers to capture moments, unveil beauty, and unleash creativity with precision and finesse. We capture with only the most premier equipment available in the industry. All of our imagery is created at the highest quality and resolution possible.

Experienced Strategy

Project planning highlights the significance of clear goals, meticulous scheduling, discussion and evaluation for a successful execution.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions are the sacred spaces where imagination takes flight, lighting dances with shadows, and memories are immortalized through the lens of an artist's vision.

Professional Editing

Retouching is the art of unveiling hidden nuances, refining raw beauty, and crafting a visual symphony that transforms a fleeting moment into a timeless masterpiece.


Be different. Be bold. Be you.

Capturing unique style involves keen observation and an artist's eye, seeking out the distinct nuances that define individuals, places, or moments. From the interplay of natural light to the thoughtful composition, every element is delicately orchestrated to showcase the essence of the subject. It is a dance between technical prowess and creative intuition, resulting in images that resonate with authenticity and leave an indelible mark on the viewer's soul.


Clients Say

She has wonderful creativity and really maximizes her surroundings. Her bright encouragement brought us out of our shells and we have never felt more comfortable in front of a lens.

Lauren B. 2022 Wedding

She is the best option to capture the best day of your life. She's prompt, responsive and talented!!!! Look no further and hire her!

Kelly C. 2022 Wedding

Her creativity is unmatched and we've already told her she will be capturing our family for the rest of our lives!

Katie S. 2021 Wedding

She was responsive, professional, organized, prompt and most importantly, FUN! Do yourself a favor and hire her for any important moments in your life - you will not be disappointed!

Carleigh G. 2021

One pro tip I would give is to let go and let Sophia lead. Let her inner artist run free and you will not be disappointed. Just like in Dirty Dancing -- nobody puts Baby in a corner -- nobody should put Sophia in a corner either!

Colleen D. 2020 Wedding

She is a true artist! Our pictures are works of art that we just happen to be featured in.

Rebekah W. 2020

It takes more than just work with camera


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