“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

― Oscar Wilde

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Sophia Bednarik

My name is Sophia Bednarik and I am in the business of relationships –always with a camera always in my hands. I got my start with a 35mm Pentax in 2007 and could only dream about where it would later take me. As a degreed MICA alumni, I have since worked in just about every industry imaginable—capturing for just about every purpose needed. From commercial marketing to cake-smashes, all moments matter. Over the past decade, I have directed/project-managed for national ad campaigns, won multiple awards and have had my work featured in a number of publications. From up and down the coast, I’m also no stranger to travel, have worked in multiple areas of the country but will always call the eastern states my main region of focus. Need to update your headshot? Advertise that new product? Getting married on destination? No biggie—I’m always down to not only capture it but to also help guide it into reality.

Anyways, here’s the most important brass tacks you could know about me: I don’t disappoint. Read my reviews—I pinky promise… So reach out! Let’s chat about that idea you’ve had buzzing or big wedding you’ve been planning for. Let me help you think-up and then manifest all of the parts of your life that you want to remember.